Q. What is a Thermogenic?

A. In short, Thermogenics are ingredients that are used in Fat Burners for one purpose: to raise your body’s core temperature. A relatable example of this is spicy food, you feel the chili-based heat when you eat it and after swallowing it you feel a lot hotter and even in some cases will start to sweat.

So, why is this important for fat loss? Because it means your body has to cool itself.

To cool down, your body uses more energy than it does normally as it requires more effort to restore balance. More energy means more calories being burned, this in return boosts your metabolism which contributes to calorie deficit and overall fat loss.

Q. Are there stimulants in this product?

A. Yes this is not a stimulant free product, in fact it has a high dose of stimulants. This is a performance based Fat Burner on top of being a Thermogenic. This type of fat burner is one you can use before any type of training or going to the gym as it is designed to help aid in stamina and focus. Essentially its is a cognitive based supplement with fat burning properties.

By having stimulants, this fat burner can help improve your overall energy levels and power output during your training sessions whereas the cognitive angle makes it easier for you to focus.

Q. Do I need to cycle off Thermo1?

A.Thermo1 is a 60 day supply, to get to the point and in our Opinion here at XNT-Technologies, you should cycle on and off any Thermogenic for 2-4 weeks after prolonged use in order to keep your current metabolism running adequately. These are very powerful substances and after the “staying clean” period of 2-4 weeks you will feel like you are flying again once you re-introduce the substances back to your system. As with any Thermogenic, bust your butt for 60 days, take a short rest off the product and get back on after that short period for the best Results possible.

Q. Why buy Thermo1?

A. Thermo1 is one of the very few fat burning performance supplements on the market that actually contains what is on the label with clinically proven ingredients that actually work. Thermo1 is produced and manufactured in the USA to the highest standards. It meets all regulations and is completely safe to take on a daily basis at the recommended dose.

Q. Who is Thermo1 for?

A. Anyone male or female over the age of 18 looking to reduce body fat, lose weight, have more energy and stamina in the gym. Designed for not just bodybuilders or athletes but for anyone looking to speed up their fat loss results in a natural and safe way.

Q. Will I pass a drug test after taking Thermo1?

A. YES, Thermo1 does not contain any banned or synthetic substances that would cause a failed drug test.

Q. Can i use Thermo1 with other supplements?

A.Yes, you can take Thermo1 with most other supplements unless they contain additional stimulants.

Q. How long will my order take to arrive?

A.We ship from within the United States, all orders placed before 2pm EST or 2PM GMT (depending on your location) will be shipped out the same day. Orders placed after 2PM will be shipped out the next business day. Orders placed on the weekend will be shipped out on Mondays.

We ship all parcels out by USPS Priority 2-3 Day with tracking.

Q. Do you ship to APO (Army Post Office) addresses?

A.Yes, we ship to APO addresses on a regular basis, just make your order as normal and put the APO address in as the delivery address.

Q. Which Countries do you ship to?

A.Currently we only ship within the United States.

Q. Is it safe to order from your website and will my credit card be refilled each month?

A. It is completely safe and secure to order from Thermo1.com, we have a number of security features in place and a secure and encrypted payment processor.

The price you see on the checkout page is the only price you will ever pay or be billed for. You will not be billed monthly or ever again, unless you decide to make another order.