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With over 20+ years in the fitness industry, I have been a competitive bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, nutritional director and have years of experience in Sports Supplement sales. I’ve personally tried about every sports supplement on the market. Staying lean has always been a focal point in my fitness goals and I had tried so many thermogenics that were just full of high stimulants and no real metabolism boosting and fat burning ingredients. You would get energy but then would crash and feel horrible after the product wore off. I wanted to develop a product that truly delivered the energy, fat burning, make you sweat and get that metabolism going. Ingredients that are proven to help reduce body fat and adipose tissue. After years of trial and error Thermo1 was created. I wanted a product that was one serving and would keep working all day. No more multiple capsules and servings per day. Just 1. This 1 capsule is powerful and you must try it to experience what Im truly talking about. This is my passion and I don’t just rave about it I truly use it myself to keep as lean as I do and it means the world to me to see you reach your weight loss goals as well. If you put in the work, eat right and exercise this product is going to give you AMAZING results. I GUARANTEE it.

Shawn Bond

Owner/Operator XNT-Technologies


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